It’s been said that when there is a will, there's a way. If that will includes you as the Personal Representative or a beneficiary of a home upon the death of a relative or friend, you’ll need to prepare for the financial and personal ramifications. We are here to help.

At Bay Property Group, we understand the unique challenges of being named the Personal Representative, Trustee, Conservator or beneficiary. We created this site so that you can get educated on this process and your options, enabling you to make the most informed decisions given your unique circumstances and family dynamics.













The meaning and importance of a property profile

A property profile provides details about the estate home and exposes any issues that can be a stumbling block to selling the property. More »



The difference between full authority and limited authority

The Personal Representative is given full or limited authority to sell the real estate portion of the estate, as prescribed by the Court. More »



Responsibilities of being appointed the Personal Representative

The Personal Representative is tasked with many responsibilities involved in winding down the earthly affairs of the deceased. More »



Selling other assets with a successful estate sale 

Oftentimes, the estate needs to “clean house” before the property is ready to attract retail buyers. Bay Property Group can help liquidate these items. More »



The probate court confirmation sale explained

If the court assigns limited authority, selling the real estate can be more complex with added supervision and overbidders vying to buy the property. More »



Finding a probate attorney to navigate this process

Bay Property Group comes equipped with experienced attorneys on standby that can ensure a successful outcome of the probate process. More »




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