We help you bring the estate closer to final settlement.

Many people find the challenge of settling their loved one's estate is among life's more difficult responsibilities, but this burden can be made easier with professionals that can help you make decisions removed from the emotional turmoil.

As estate professionals, Bay Property Group offers a range of important and time-saving services to sellers in probate, trust and conservatorship.
You’ll find our people-friendly approach is direct and sensible, taking into consideration the big picture while managing the complex details. 


Losing someone we hold dear is never easy and the pain is often exasperated by the legal and financial issues death brings. But if you have the right people in your corner, this process can be made easier. 


Sale of real property • Selling to investors "AS IS" • Property Management • Attorney referrals • Estate Sales
Other professional services on standby as your circumstances dictate.

Sale of Real Property

You can take the burden of dealing with legal and property issues surrounding probate and leave the details to us.

When a probate or trust calls for the sale of the estate property, one of your most valuable allies is a knowledgeable real estate team that can provide you with information about market conditions, pricing and strategies.
Now is not the time to hire a friend that happens to be a REALTOR®. Probate sales can be a complicated transaction fought with pitfalls and liabilities from both the beneficiaries and potential buyer, so it makes sense to hire experts that are well versed in the California Probate Code.
The sale of real estate is normally the single largest transaction that Bay Property Group conducts. Having closed hundreds of these transactions, we provide executors, administrators, trustees and fiduciaries peace of mind knowing they will get a smooth transaction from listing to closing and get the best possible price using an aggressive marketing plan.


Does the property require significant repairs to be sold in a competitive market? Consider selling to one of our investor clients.

Over the years, we have forged good working relationships with investors that appreciate the opportunity to purchase homes of any condition. Many times, they purchase a home in need of repair or updating and if the price is right, they pay all closing costs, including the real estate commissions. That puts more money in your pocket and you avoid the hassles of fixing it up.
This is a viable option when the estate home suffers from neglect, or the estate is in need of immediate liquidity to pay for taxes, attorney fees and other urgent expenses.

Property Preservation Services

Sadly, many estate homes suffer from neglect and require repairs or upgrades, often because the late homeowner was ill or could not keep the property maintained.

Should the estate make an attempt to make necessary improvements to attract buyers? Inexperience oftentimes lead to delays, shoddy workmanship, and over-expenditure.
Bay Property Group has oversaw the renovation or maintenance of thousands of properties in the Bay area and we have reliable vendors with proven track records that are on standby. We guarantee their work. Help like this makes all the difference in the world and takes the stress and anxiety out of the equation.





Finding competent legal resources.

The California probate code can be complex, and this process has enormous, life-changing consequences for you and your family.
The sooner you contact a qualified probate attorney, the better the chances of reaching a timely and successful outcome.
Bay Property Group can refer you to competent attorneys that will explain your rights and responsibilities and develop the right approach to your unique situation.

Liquidate personal property and belongings to maximize the amount of money the estate receives. 

Over a lifetime, people accumulate many assets and objects that mirror their unique being. One of the challenges of selling your loved one's estate is liquidating these non-real property assets and belongings. Bay Property Group  can help give you peace of mind knowing that items are sold in the most dignified manner, for top dollar.






Don’t go it alone.

Settling your loved ones estate can be daunting. As the executor or administrator, you will inevitably encounter many curve balls, unexpected details that demand your time and attention. The estate and its assets can quickly become unmanageable with many variables and unanswered questions.
Fortunately, you can count on our professionals to navigate this process. We are the Bay area’s leading authority on probate, trust and inherited property sales. Call us at 510-798-0068 or fill out the form below for straightforward and compassionate solutions.