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Being appointed the Personal Representative is both an honor and a burden. While managing grief, you are left to figure out how to legally transfer or inherit property.
In simple terms, probate is court-supervised process of winding down the earthly affairs of the deceased. The court monitors the actions of the executor or administrator, who is responsible for itemizing the assets of the deceased and liquidating these assets (including real estate) in order to pay off creditors and distribute the remaining proceeds to the heirs entitled to them. Yet probate can be anything but simple.
Instead of blindly heading into probate, it is strongly encouraged that you contact a competent probate attorney to improve your chances of reaching an efficient, smooth and effective outcome. At Bay Property Group, we can refer you to legal counsel that can educate you on your rights and responsibilities and navigate every phase of the probate process.
Probate can be frought with complications that require specialized expertise - not all attorneys are created equal. Many attorneys just “dabble” into probate or trusts. Unless they specialize in probate, it’s possible that they can blunder.
Commonly, many families seek to hire the attorney that prepared the will. Just because the attorney put together the will, it does not mean that they have to handle the probate case, nor are they necessarily right for the job. Choosing your probate or trust attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make, so you owe it to yourself and the heirs to be objective in finding the right one for the job.
Fortunately, Bay Property Group has battle tested attorneys after hundreds of probate real estate transactions and can connect you with legal counsel that will give you an honest assessment of your case and provide the answers and information you and your family need to make the most informed decisions during this challenging time.





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lewis-circleWritten by Lewis Canyon

A native of San Francisco, Lewis Canyon’s roots run deep in the community. With a background in clinical psychology, his animating principle is helping others build lives through every means at his disposal. An award-winning REALTOR®, Lewis was licenced in 2003 and is an expert in complicated probate real estate transactions. Email Lewis for guidance in settling the estate in the most efficient manner.



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Settling your loved ones estate can be daunting. As the executor or administrator, you will inevitably encounter many curve balls, unexpected details that demand your time and attention. The estate and its assets can quickly become unmanageable with many variables and unanswered questions.
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